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to schedule a tour of our facility and see what makes our program truly exceptional!

Minds in Motion offers a variety of exciting activities! Your children will enjoy technology resources, gaming stations, STEM activities, creative learning, cooperative play, academic support, and more.

There is a limited amount of quality programs that offer fun, creative activities and true enrichment. Owned and operated by licensed educators, our program is designed with unique, interesting activities as well as providing a supportive setting  for creative and social growth.

Our clean, welcoming facility provides full time after school care that not only meets your child care needs, but also provides an activity based learning environment focused on national STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs.

Our game room is ideal for encouraging social interaction and cooperative play. Our staff will provide opportunities for your child to enjoy group games, art and craft activities, and challenge their building skills in our Lego / builder's room! Your child will love our selection of computer and video games!

Reserve your spot for HOLIDAY CARE!

Holiday Care and care on teacher planning days are open to any student age 5-13. We offer a full day of fun activities and great rates!

Are you looking for a high quality after school program that combines academic enrichment, technology and hands-on exploration in a fun, safe environment?


Perfect for students who do not need full time summer care or are looking for a way to beat summer boredom! A fun variety of classes taught by local area teachers.


​​​S.T.E.M. based programs for students K - age 13.

Limited Spaces are available!


Our summer programs are hands-on, entertaining, and provide real enrichment! You will love the quality and structure of our amazing full day summer camp!

Choose from full time, daily drop in, or one of our new workshops!



If your child is home schooled, enrolled in virtual school, or attends public school, we have many options available to meet your needs.

Minds in Motion is Lakeland's premier after school and summer program! Your child will love it!