The goal of Minds in Motion is to provide your child with enrichment through hands on learning opportunities to expand their interests and knowledge.  We understand that some children need help with basic classroom skills and subjects.  We offer individualized or small group tutoring sessions.

Why do capable students get poor grades? 
The truth is there may be many contributing factors to low grades; self defeating attitudes,  procrastination and learning disabilities are among a few.  These grades may not reflect your child's real ability and intelligence. Whether your child is falling behind or trying to get ahead, Minds in Motion has the tools to help your child achieve his or her educational goals. We work to reduce stress and build confidence by creating an individualized program for each child, starting at a level that he or she can handle and then progressing through the grade levels as rapidly as your child's learning pace allows. 

So What Do I Do Now?
We can help you decide on which tutoring session fits your child's needs. Our one on one tutoring sessions are designed to improve the way your child learns. The sessions can be done in two ways. The first way is to target a certain subject your child struggles with and dedicate our time with your child on the understanding of it. The second is our "Gear Up" tutoring sessions. "Gear Up" means we help get your child working towards a grade level higher. This program dedicates our time together in understanding the current class work and working on current homework assignments.

Minds in Motion offers several programs that are tailored to the needs of you and your child. Having worked in the public education system for many years we have worked with a range of learning abilities and styles. We have experience with students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, as well as a variety of health issues.


Individual Session - $40 / hr ($5 discount if enrolled in one of our full time programs)

Small Group Session - $20 / hr (depending on availability)

Clubs - available to students enrolled in our after school program



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